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Bio-upgrades are various Weapon enhancements which can be acquired by doing Research in a Technical Facility. If Research for a bio-upgrade is successful, an icon appears in the unit's context menu, allowing you to augment the selected unit. Bio-Upgrades acquired at a Technical Facility are effective for any units except for heroes and mercenaries. Bio-Upgrades fall to the ground when a unit dies, appearing as Bio-Slag. These can be returned to your Courthouse (HQ) for resources.

List of upgrades[edit | edit source]

All units receive the same upgrades, the names are just for flavor. Notably the Speed upgrade neutralizes the penalty from Resilience
Type Effect Tha'Roon Obblinox Eaggra Shama'Li
No upgrades
AUG frame0.png
AUG frame8.png
AUG frame16.png
AUG frame24.png
Spell frame114.png Strength +3 to damage
Can carry two items instead of one
AUG frame5.png
AUG frame13.png
AUG frame21.png
Hyperbold Injector
AUG frame29.png
Lode Stones
Spell frame125.png Stealth +1 stealth level
AUG frame1.png
Cloaking Skin
AUG frame9.png
Blur Pack
AUG frame17.png
Pigment Modifier
AUG frame25.png
Mystic's Root
Spell frame115.png Vision +1 vision radius
Stealth detection
AUG frame2.png
AUG frame10.png
AUG frame18.png
Sensory Taper
AUG frame26.png
Crystal Eye
Spell frame116.png Speed +1 movement speed
AUG frame7.png
Reactionary muscles
AUG frame15.png
Iron Stump
AUG frame23.png
Adrenal Accelerator
AUG frame31.png
Feather Rods
Spell frame117.png Resilience +1 Armor
-1 movement speed
AUG frame6.png
Vitua Ventrical
AUG frame14.png
The Chest
AUG frame22.png
Invigora Juice
AUG frame30.png
Focus Stones
Fully upgraded
AUG frame4.png
AUG frame12.png
AUG frame20.png
AUG frame28.png