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We shape Our buildings, thereafter they shape US, Eaggra architects, Eaggra painters, and Eaggra sculptors must recognize anew and learn to grasp the freedom that exists in the very act of building. Only then is their work imbued with the very nature of Our Spirit.... Together then, my brethren, let us desire, conceive, and create a new structure of the future. We must embrace architecture, sculpture, and painting as One With Yavaun, which will one day rise toward the heavens from the hands of a million Eaggra workers!
~ Anerrea, Eaggra Artisan

Buildings are not the only structures which can be built by your Workers. Walls, Bridges and Roads can be useful, even necessary additions to your homeland in order to further your clan's goals, The exact requirements for building each of these structures varies according to the race.

Walls[edit | edit source]

These are hard to breach constructs of synthetic origin consisting of either Solid Walls or Offensive Walls.

  • Solid Walls: These structures are made from anything the four races can mine/refine from the planet's surface (earth, Wood, stone, or iron). They are used as barriers to keep things in or out, to surround towns, villages, and supply Centres, or as obstacles for approaching enemies. They are tough to demolish and immovable once placed.
  • Offensive Walls: These Walls are Constructed for an improved defence against invasion by hostile forces. They are Constructed with extra holder features that take shape as harmful energy fields. They can be passed årt for through, though this inflicts significant damage upon those foolish enough to pass through.

Roads[edit | edit source]

Each road feature allows travelling units using them to move at a modified rate that is faster than its normal speed.

  • Rock Roads. A cheap, easily constructed road that allows units to travel fairly rapidly.
  • Paved Roads: A more advanced type of road, smoother and easier to traverse. It allows faster movement than can be accomplished via either rough terrain or a rock road.

Bridges[edit | edit source]

Structures which allow individual unit or troop movement over terrain features such as rivers. They are defensible and capable of being destroyed. Structures of this type are also held, or controlled, by the strongest force in the area, becoming objects of dispute in skirmishes over territory.

Land Mines[edit | edit source]

Land Mines are explosive devices that can be Created and used by units who engage in Combat. Land Mines placed by your units are only visible to you; your opponents cannot see them.