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Cybernetic upgrades are technological enhancements fused with a subject's anatomy in order to enhance its abilities. This takes different forms, depending on the faction, but the results are the same for each. Upgrades are researched and granted in packages - multiple augmentations meant to increase a selected unit's defensive, offensive, or specialised capabilities.

Each eligible unit can get any one of the three upgrades. No unit can get more than one. If a unit already has an upgrade, they may purchase another, but the new upgrade replaces the old one. Take care when selecting units to upgrade. Offensive packages won't do much for worker units, and the Brain Chip that comes with a Specialised Upgrade is wasted on a unit that has no skills to advance. Cybernetic upgrades cannot be given to vehicles or non-humanoid units.

In order to give a unit a cybernetic upgrade, select the building that houses the package you're looking for (see the list of Faction-Specific Buildings on page 83 to find where different upgrades are researched). If the Upgrade button is in the centre column of the interface side bar, that package must be researched before it can be made available to your units. Cybernetic upgrade packages are researched individually at a cost of 5000 Resource units plus 5000 Influence.

Note that you cannot research more advanced cybernetic packages first. Research must progress from Defensive, to Offensive, and finally to Specialised. If a building's interface side bar has a cybernetic upgrade icon in the right hand column, you may then left-click on the package icon and then left-click on the unit(s) that you wish to upgrade. Each unit selected proceeds to that building, receives an upgrade package, and Resources are appropriately deducted.

Defensive Cybernetics[edit | edit source]

These cost 100 Resource points per unit upgraded. Selected units are granted all of the following:

  • Cable Muscles: Unit gains a point of armour, and loses a level of speed.
  • Additional Heart: Unit's Life is increased by ten points.
  • Cloaking Skin: Unit gains one level of Stealth ability.

Offensive Cybernetics[edit | edit source]

These cost 200 Resource points per unit upgraded. Selected units are granted all of the following:

  • Reactive Sinew: Unit's rate of fire increases by one level.
  • NitroStat Heart: Unit gains one level of speed.
  • Hyper Nerves: Reaction time increased by one level.
  • Bionic Senses: Unit receives pinpoint accuracy senses for a +30% hit bonus.

Specialised Cybernetics[edit | edit source]

These cost 300 Resource points per unit upgraded. In addition, units with Specialised Cybernetics require an additional one Butanium per seven time segments (twenty seconds). Selected units are granted all of the following:

  • Explosive Strength: Unit inflicts 10 more points of damage per attack, and unit gets one extra inventory slot.
  • Adrenalized Heart: Unit regenerates at a slow rate.
  • Calcified Hide: Increases armour by one point.
  • Brain Chip: All unit's skills increase by one level.
  • Telescopic Vision: Unit can see two squares further.