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Symbol Descendant.png
Icon Descendant Generic.png
General data
TypeScholarly organization
HeadquartersSouthern tundra
LeaderElder Johnas Bruener
Elder council
Any arrival presumes the existence of a return. No path is irreversible. The powers latent within our first transporta- tion must first be understood in order to be harnessed. Let us focus on our past and the ways of our Elders. Turn aside from the distractions of politics and alien circumstances. Reason dictates that a homeward path must be possible - and we must find it.
~ Descendant Elder Johnas Bruener speaking to a collection of Officers, Inventors, and Zoologists

Descendants are one of the four factions in War Wind II: Human Onslaught.

Gameplay characteristics[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

After the Transportation Event brought them here, many human scientists and technical support personnel salvaged what they could and escaped into the rough country of Yavaun. Using their great store of knowledge and basic courage, the Descendants have established a working community, but their continued survival is in question. Ultimately, the Descendants seek a means to return to Earth, yet this task seems impossible within the confines of rational thought. Despite their insistence upon logic, human scientists acknowledge the Shama'Li mystics as a potential key to their destiny. The Descendants possess no magic and have only rudimentary combat abilities, but they are extremely technologically advanced.

Technology[edit | edit source]