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Eaggra Unit 010.png
LeaderTywald Chainbreaker
Notable personsTolk Barkborn

Sentenced by fate to suffer enslavement under the Tha'Roon, the plant-like Eaggra fight to end centuries of bondage. Gathering in Vast numbers, using their intimate knowledge of the land and their tremendous endurance, the Eaggra hope to win freedom by holding out against the Superior warriors of the other races.

Gameplay characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • Large numbers
  • Great construction ability and efficiency
  • Most powerful Scouts
  • Resistance to terrain movement modifiers
  • Weaker attacks
  • Inferior starting tactical positions
  • Fewer starting structures
  • What special units can this race build?
    • The Scrub, the most skilled and functionally Versatile Worker of the four races.
    • The Druid, a natural spell user manipulates nature, the most violent, chaotic force in Yavaun.
    • The Grenadier, an armoured artillery unit with long range attack capability.

Eaggra Units

Background[edit | edit source]

The Eaggra are the most abundant of all the races of Yavaun, tied to the land they work, strong and resilient as the trees. Though the Tha'Roon were convinced they subjected the Eaggra through the force of arms, they worked because they love the world and it is by their work that they harness the energy of the earth itself. The Tha'Roon rule by use of Obblinox, and it is only the strength of those warriors that has stemmed the tide of revolution. For a thousand years, the Eaggra have fashioned the bones and sinews of the Empire. All that has been built is the work of Eaggra Artisans.

First War of Yavaun[edit | edit source]

The revolution, ignited by Tywald Chainbreaker, aims to liberate their species and build their own towns and settlements, to create a free and just nation of their own. Ending the slavery requires the defeat of Tha'Roon and Obblinox oppressors. As Tolk Barkborn sings, a slave fears neither failure nor death, for the pain of this life is greater still. Though the casualties mount, the Eaggra are like the leaves and trees of the forest, innumerable and uncountable. Even the Shama'Li are an obstacle due to their refusal to directly side with the Eaggra at the beginning of the revolution.

The revolution seeks to liberate the entire Eaggra race and establish independence through revolution, uprisings, seizure of weapons, and building of bases. The preparations lead to an all-out war to achieve freedom and the establishment of the Eaggra Homeland.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Hardy workers focusing on using reliable technologies, the Eaggra also turned the technology, science, and chemical bio-machinery that the Tha'Roon grafted into their flesh against their masters. Equipment and devices meant to increase production and to keep us in line, were the very items that instilled within them the desire, intense emotions and awareness that cried out for revolution. Complex Tha'Roon systems of chemical and cybernetic enhancements, pharmaceutical based technologies tapping directly into our brains and body chemistry, pushing their physical capacity to a dangerous thresholds were subverted and used to launch the revolution with a stunning degree of success.