First War of Yavaun

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The First War of Yavaun was an apocalyptic event that tore through Yavaun, resulting in the deaths of millions of sentients from all four races. Triggered by an Eaggran rebellion at a remote work camp, it blossomed into all out war between the races, culminating in a desperate attempt to summon NagaRom the Original One by the Shama'Li at Mount Caranei University.

Eaggran Rising[edit | edit source]

The spark that started the conflagration was struck at the Black Pit Lake labor colony, where Tywald Chainbreaker and Colonel Khorn of Faction E19 threw down their tools and attacked the Obblinox guards assigned to the camp. Disposing of them and the wildlife, they used the camp as a staging attack for the subsequent attack on the Obblinox weapons depot at Ghumb.[1][2] The Eaggra moved swiftly with their rebellion, establishing a more permanent base of operations at the Don'Dien ruins, repulsing attacks from the local Shama'Li tribes.[3]

The Tha'Roon retaliated immediately, targeting work camps that were taken over by rebel Eaggra. Headed by House Mondra, their brutal reprisals resulted in a series of routs that sent the Eaggra rebels into full retreat across the Imperial Nation.[4] The Obblinox were ordered to aid in the culling[5] and prepare forward operating bases against the Shama'Li, with Saw'Sha's Rusty Thunders distinguishing themselves in the early stages of the campaign. However, the slaughter of the Eaggra planted the seed of rebellion in the minds of the Obblinox, disgusted by the effortless destruction of the former slaves. An Obblinox clan defied orders from the Prime Minister, marking themselves for death.[6][7]

The Shama'Li became involved in the war through their actions at the village of Ohama, attempting to prevent a Tha'Roon war party from razing the eponymous village - and saving a Tha'Roon official from death. However, their altruism was met with savagery - the Tha'Roon razed Hi'Kama in retaliation for what they saw as a blatant attempt at tricking them into being merciful.[8] Skirmishes with the Tha'Roon and Obblinox continued as the war entered a new phase and the Eaggra liberated more and more work camps in preparation for the migration towards their ancient homeland.[9]

The Obblinox Rise[edit | edit source]

Defiance was punished with death. House Mondra moved against the rebels in the Bonca plains, while the Rusty Thunders were ordered to raze the city of Bedraltar in the Grey Water Swamp. Both sides fulfilled their objectives, but while Druk Angar's prominence only increased, Saw'Sha's Rusty Thunders finally lost faith in the Empire and began a rebellion of their own.[10][11] Aided by the Shama'Li, who saved Adonna, one of their greatest minds, they launched a covert campaign of espionage. The infiltration of the Penthedium Citadel by the Rusty Thunders proved that they could effectively shield themselves from the Tha'Roon.[12]

However, they overplayed their card. Shifting their focus to the Tha'Roon allowed the Eaggra to make their migration and establish an independent nation in the south of the continent, supported by Shama'Li and their efforts in mediating between the rebel Eaggra factions and their brethren reluctant to oppose the Tha'Roon,[13] leading to a formal alliance between the two.[14] More importantly, Saw'Sha and the Rusty Thunders made an attempt on the life of High Minister Mim'Nin's life at Crue Pan, the Imperial capital.[15] Unbeknownst to them, their actions were known to the Tha'Roon, who launched a counter-offensive in northern Terache, aimed at subjugating the Obblinox once again. [16]

Their assault coincided with a similar offensive by the Eaggra, launched against the twin cities of Albierta and SulDeos. Facing oblivion, the Obblinox relented and surrendered to the Tha'Roon, once again becoming their servants. In a surprising gesture, the Prime Minister of Death spared the lives of the rebel leaders, most importantly Saw'Sha, responsible for masterminding the crucial operations of the rebel cause.[17]

The Summoning[edit | edit source]

However, the Tha'Roon position was far from safe. The Shama'Li used the distraction presented by the Obblinox to pursue leads gleaned from Dui'Gren, an Eaggran sage saved by them earlier in the war. His information led them to the place of Dawning, where all four races of Yavaun originated,[18] and from there to the forgotten city of Verda'Oyer, where they recovered the Ascension Tablets. The final battle of the war occurred at the Mount Cardanei University, an ancient stronghold of the Shama'Li and the prophesized place where NagaRom would return. Fearing the return of the Original One and the loss of their position, the Tha'Roon and the newly enslaved Obblinox launched an assault on the University. After a long and bitter battle, the combined Shama'Li and Eaggra garrison were destroyed and the University razed to the ground. NagaRom never returned and those lost at the University became martyrs of the newly formed Servants Under NagaRom.[19]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Though the Shama'Li failed to summon Naga Rom, the all-powerful creator who could reunite the warring groups, the Eaggra succeeded in achieving liberation from Tha'Roon oppression. Many Eaggra formed an alliance with the Shama'Li, and together they called themselves the S.U.N. (Servants Under NagaRom).

Meanwhile, the Tha'Roon had already begun to take steps toward the restoration of their Empire. As the original Prime Minister of Death fell in honorable combat to Druk Angar, House Mondra became the dominant force in imperial politics. They had regained control of the rebellious Obblinox, and collectively the two races were referred to as the Overlords. As the S.U.N. became more complacent, the Overlords extended their powerful military reach, eventually leading to the Second War and the Transportation Event.

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