House Mondra

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House Mondra
ThaRoon Unit 012.png
General data
TypeTha'Roon clan
LeaderDruk Angrak

House Mondra is a budding clan of the Tha'Roon and the default clan selected during the campaign in War Wind.

Background[edit | edit source]

Under the leadership of Druk Angrak, House Mondra rose to the forefront of Imperial politics. From simple policing actions against the rebel Eaggra to the final, desperate assault against Mount Caranei University, the clan slowly gathered strength until Druk was finally selected for the rite of ascension and challenged the Prime Minister of Death to mortal combat.

The duel was obviously won and under Druk Angrak's leadership, the Obblinox were reintegrated into the Empire with a measure of mercy extended to rebel leaders such as Saw'Sha: In return for their undying loyalty, they would lead the Obblinox warriors into battle once again - or die. The newly formed Overlords went on to restore the Empire and eventually corner the Servants Under Naga'Rom, unwittingly triggering the Transportation Event.