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Influence is a measure of the prestige and renown of a faction leader, ranging from 0 to 5000 points. This gauge, represented alongside the Leader's portrait, can never go below 0, nor can it rise above 5000. Greater Influence reduces the cost of hired units (by 10% when Influence is at its peak), makes research possible, and allows the use of Leader songs.

Since songs and research cost Influence points to enact, they are no longer available once your Leader's influence drops below certain levels.

How Influence Increases[edit | edit source]

Influence increases slowly over time, but the re are several other ways to increase it. Your faction Influence increases any time you hire a new unit (500 Influence), kill an enemy leader (5000 Influence), or destroy any unit or building which is not your own (amount equal to the unit's life). You can also convert Resources to Influence through your Leader's command icon bar: 2000 Resources increases Influence by 1000.

How Influence Decreases[edit | edit source]

Influence can decrease for many reasons. It can be expended on research (5000 Influence) or songs (2500 Influence for War, Travel, and Magic songs, 1250 Influence for Work song). In addition, the loss of any unit or building corresponds to a loss of Influence at an amount equal to that of the unit's life. Hunger and low fuel can cripple Influence, exacting permanent tolls until the condition is lifted: 5000 for hunger, 2500 for low fuel. Diseased rats in your town also drain Influence at a rate of 5 points per second.