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Symbol Marines.png
Icon Marine Generic.png
General data
TypeFascist militia
LeaderMarine Commander Karl Richards
Notable personsMajor Malcolm
Captain Kate Turner
There's a lot of bizarre crap out there! So watch yer buddy's back. Now, a lot of folks are gonna roll up to ya and start talkin' about history and science and NagaRom or some such nonsense. They're just tryin' to warp yer mind and take away yer freedom. Keep yer mind cleared of all that fancy learnin'! All ya need to learn is how to dig a trench, shoot straight, and honour the Corps... Now get to work ya maggots!

Marine Commander Karl Richards haranguing soldiers at random

Marines are one of the four factions in War Wind II: Human Onslaught.

Gameplay characteristics[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

A fairly large group of military personnel came through the transportation event. Their offspring form the Marine faction on Yavaun. These humans regard the Descendant humans with some animosity - a leftover hostility from parents and grandparents who blamed the Descendants for the Transportation Event. In fact, most of the Marines don't believe in Earth at all. They regard Yavaun as their home - albeit a home inhabited by thousands of enemies in all shapes and sizes. The Marines are obsessed with the idea of a human nation on Yavaun and human sovereignty, and will use all of their superior firepower to achieve those ends.

Technology[edit | edit source]