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Obblinox Unit 009.png
General data
TypeMilitant nation
LeaderEva the Old
Matron and Elder council
Notable personsRamita Abad
Haggus J'Herofreed

The stolid Obblinox, imposing and mighty-thewed beneath their tough, elephantine hides, once served as the backbone of the Tha'Roon military. Now they use their knowledge of battle in open rebellion against their Tha'Roon overlords.

Gameplay characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • Great warriors
  • Best equipped for war
  • Very high attack strength
  • Fairly good construction ability
  • Weak mastery of magic
  • Slow movement
  • What special units can this race build?
    • The Agent, who has good stealth and a sturdy endurance,
    • The Biker, who is a motorised mercenary. He combines speed with strength,
    • The Colossus, which is a motorized tank-like warrior, combines devastating combat and speed.

Background[edit | edit source]

From the very moment of their creation by the Mothering Spirit of the Highest One, loyalty is the only code the Obblinox have ever known, and honor the only path. The Clan Mothers have since the dawning of history handed down the law: fidelity, integrity and constancy. Strength and size has maintained the structure of the world for the thousand years, for the Obblinox are the living embodiment of Yavaun, her protectors. The Obblinox wear the trinkets and rudimentary jeweler they mine with pride.

They are a heavily matriarchal society, governed by the aforementioned Clan Mothers. The Matriarchs are responsible for guiding Obblinox clans and leading them in battle as War Generals. Males are principally laborers, although they are also known for their magical abilities, allowing them to harness blood magic and master alchemy to use in the fields.

First War of Yavaun[edit | edit source]

It is a time of strife and trouble, it is a time of revolt. The Eaggra are workers, laborers, and builders and according to the Obblinox, the place of the Eaggra has always been fixed in the natural order of things. However, despite this conviction, the Obblinox find it hard to justify the ruthless acts of aggression and injustice asked of by the Tha'Roon. The suppression of the Eaggra and their extermination is a task without honour. As Obblinox are warriors, noble fighters with a long, illustrious history, trained and disciplined for the hardships of battle, it has eroded the trust in their Tha'Roon Overlords.

The Eaggra fall too easily, and there can be no honor in the slaughter of innocents. Loyalty masks deceit as the Obblinox launch covert operations against their Tha'Roon Overlords. Soon their secret war breaks out into a full scale assault.

Transportation Event[edit | edit source]

The Obblinox were eventually conquered again by House Mondra.

Technology[edit | edit source]

The Tha'Roon taught the Obblinox the knowledge of their science, and by their Science they have adopted Mechanical Amputations (cybernetics) and a host of other advanced technologies allowing them to become a powerful force on the battlefield, utilizing forged alloyed armor, firearms, and of course, fuse their flesh with metal. Though the mechanical cybernetics have little grace and elegance, and lack the electronics, advanced hydraulics and fine integration, they are an asset to their arsenal.