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Symbol Overlords.png
Icon Overlord Generic.png
General data
TypeReborn Empire
HeadquartersCitadel of Spires
LeaderPrime Minister Druk Angrak of House Mondra
High Council
Obblinox Matrons
Look at the animals. Some are weak and stupid, others are strong, smart. The strong must eat the weak so that the species may flourish. Could it be otherwise among the races of Yavaun? We are the strongest, the wisest. The natural order dictates that we assume our rightful place, conquer those who are weak, and rule all of Yavaun!
~ Prime Minister Mau'Rak Gith addressing Elite troops before battle

Overlords are one of the four factions in War Wind II: Human Onslaught.

Gameplay characteristics[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Overlord forces combine Tha'Roon leadership with Obblinox brute force. Through this alliance of ruthless dominance and tenacity, the Overlords hope to once again rule all of Yavaun. They dismiss the humans as a minor inconvenience, to be manipulated, subjugated, or ultimately destroyed in the drive to reestablish the Empire. Often the Overlords have dealt with the Marines exchanging supplies for technical knowledge. But inevitably all factions must succumb to the crushing weight of Overlord dominion. The Overlords boast the most fearsome combat units and great wealth. But they also lack the manpower and construction ability with which the Eaggra slaves provided them in ages past.

Many years have passed since the First War of Yavaun, when four races battled for t heir individual goals. Though the Shama'Li failed to summon NagaRom, the all-powerful creator who could reunite the warring groups, the Eaggra succeeded in achieving liberation from Tha'Roon oppression. Many Eaggra formed an alliance with the Shama'Li, and together they called themselves the S.U.N. (Servants Under NagaRom) . Meanwhile, the Tha'Roon had already begun to take steps toward the restoration of their Empire. Under House Mondra and Prime Minister Druk Angrak (who bested the Prime Minister of Death in mortal combat), they had regained control of the rebellious Obblinox, and collectively the two races were referred to as the Overlords. As the S.U.N. became more complacent, the Overlords extended their powerful military reach. For a time, the Overlords stood at the brink of total domination....

On another world, far beyond the struggle on Yavaun, scientists of another species huddled in the harsh, frigid wind of the Arctic. Despite a desolate landscape and t re ac he ro us weather conditions, the humans continued their work, extracting an ancient stone block from the ice. Marine troops stationed around the site cradled automatic weapons. They had been sent along to safeguard this important mission of discovery, but were wholly absorbed in the numbness of their feet and fingers as t hey patrolled. Occasionally, a soldier would look on as the massive rock slab shed a burning, supernatural light. All members of the research team were excited as they returned the stone to their nearby lab for testing. The scientists activated their equipment, and the test cycle began. The stone glowed more intensely, becoming impossible to look upon directly. Though no human in the area understood it at the time, they had unearthed one of the mystical Tablets of NagaRom....

On Yavaun, matters had reached a critical point. A devastating Overlord force closed around the tattered remnants of the S.U.N., slaughtering all who stood in their path. As a final measure, Eaggra and Shama'Li mystics banded together and chanted a powerful invocation, designed to summon NagaRom's aid. Their dying brethren cried out nearby. The enemy was close, poised to strike the blow that would end all resistance. The magical song grew louder and more desperate ... the singers felt the power building, and a crushing presence washed over the area.... There was a blinding flash, and the entire Arctic installation settled into the soil of Yavaun. Helicopters flew overhead, their pilots startled as the landscape abruptly transformed from snow-covered mountains to rocky plains and dense jungles. Face to - face on the battle field, Marines and Overlords shouted in confusion. They traded fire without asking questions. As explosions rocked their building, the scientists fled the scene, plunging into hiding on an alien world. The S.U.N. escaped also, intent upon rebuilding their forces. Eventually, the Over lord and Marine troops fell back, regrouped, and started to devise their own strategies....

Now, many decades later, the S.U.N. and Overlords are still in direct opposition, but human intervention has somewhat complicated the power structure. Humans on Yavaun exist in two factions. The Descendant faction (so named by the S.U.N.) is made up of scientists and others dragged through the Transportation Event who wish to return to Earth. The Marines are soldiers intent upon establishing a sovereign human nation on Yavaun. All four factions use different methods to pursue their different ideologies, but one overarching goal unites them: survival.

The Overlords formed an uneasy alliance with the Marines, trading supplies and technology in exchange for Marine attacks on S.U.N. assets. Their long term plan focuses on the destruction of S.U.N. and the elimination of the human presence on Yavaun by any means necessary. However, the brutality and ruthlessness of the new Prime Minister, Druk Angrak, has resulted in a silent opposition forming among the ranks of the Tha'Roon houses, resulting in the formation of the Righteous. These dissidents tire of the unceasing warfare and desire nothing more but a political solution to the crisis.

Technology[edit | edit source]

The Tha'Roon remain the most technologically advanced faction on Yavaun. The reborn Imperial laboratories have resulted in the creation of new tools of war, including hover pods, hover tanks, and the most fearsome creation of the genetic breeders, the 2-Headed Colossus, combining Tha'Roon cunning, Obblinox brutality, and the firepower of a treaded behemoth.