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Resources are the raw materials needed to develop its fighting force, expand the settlement, and sustain the war effort. Every upgrade, training, unit, and so on costs a variable amount of resources.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

  • The usual method of acquiring resources is by devoting a worker to harvesting the conifer forests that cover Yavaun or mining the rock formations. An advanced worker harvests more rapidly. Some heroes can also perform harvesting operations, like the Eaggra Prime Maker.
  • Salvaging bio-slag, securing treasure, or stealing resources stockpiled in the enemy's courthouse also provide income.

Sourcing[edit | edit source]

A large forest.
  • Colorful canopies are spread across the land of Yavaun. These conifer forests are used by all the races as a valuable stock of resources and minerals. Mining the conifer tree forests provide a constant 200 points of resource material and unlike rocks, can be regrown with the appropriate spell.
A rock deposit.
  • Mining the outcroppings of rocks randomly provides one of the following:
    • 50% chance of 100 resources
    • 20% chance of 200 resources
    • 10% chance of 500 resources
    • 10% chance of 400 resources
    • 10% chance of 500 resources.
  • Retrieving Bio-Slag provides between 100 to 500 resources: One hundred for each upgrade the victim had.
  • Finding treasure provides from 100 to 1000. These are found on maps, usually near a Creature, or in his lair.