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In practical terms, life on Yavaun is a matter of resources. You cannot survive without them, cannot defend your homes without them, cannot increase and prosper without them. The battles that scorch the ground and leave whole populations decimated, these are simply modes of resource management. Armoured vehicles and weapons of destruction - tools of resource negotiation.
~ Tha'Roon Merchant, Boa the Trader, speaking with a group of Marine customers.

Resources are the basic currency of War Wind II, with butanium and supplies playing an additional role.

Acquiring Resources[edit | edit source]

Before resources can be accumulated, a Town Centre must exist. Depending upon the scenario, a pre-existing Town Centre may be in place already. If one does not exist, it's the first thing to build before resources can be successfully acquired. At advanced stages in the game, more resources can be stored by upgrading the Town Centre or building Storage Facilities. There are three kinds of goods on Yavaun that you must keep in good supply in order to maintain and expand your forces: general Resources, Butanium, and Supplies.

General Resources can be acquired from surrounding forest areas. Workers harvest the trees and return the materials to the Town Centre (or a faction's separate Storage Facility), where the results of their labour are converted to a kind of raw currency. Everything that is built, hired, repaired, trained, researched, or upgraded requires general Resources.

Stockpiling[edit | edit source]

If you are producing more Resources, Supplies, and Butanium than your units are consuming, a surplus slowly accumulates. All players have a maximum amount of storage space for these three resources, dictated by their number of Town Centres and Storage Facilities. Town Centres can hold 20,000 Resources, 50 Butanium, and 50 Supplies. Upgraded Town Centres can hold 30,000 Resources, 100 Butanium, and 100 Supplies. Storage Facilities can hold 10,000 Resources, 50 Butanium, and 50 Supplies. Any amount over the sum of your building capacities is held up (i.e. resources cease to be delivered, and the numbers in the interface bar indicator remains constant) until further Storage Facilities are built.

Yavaun yields food when we are hungry, that we may harvest more food. Yavaun gives us fuel when we are tired, so that we can work to make more fuel. This is the cycle of life . . . but then there is consciousness.
~ So spoke the Eaggra mystic, Juien Gien Eight Eyes, addressing the newly formed Descendant council of Elders