Servants Under NagaRom

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Servants Under NagaRom
Symbol SUN.png
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General data
LeaderColonel Nawl'Eoj
Yavaun is a living family of which Tha'Roon and Obblinox, Eaggra and Shama'Li are all members. There is but one creator, source of all life - NagaRom. Our S.U.N. alliance proves that all can live in peace. Let us show this to the Obblinox and Tha'Roon, who stubbornly reject our missives of peace and universal harmony.
~ Wisdom of Shama'Li Shadow Dancer, Belalil Yaum, imparted to a group of new S.U.N. members.

Servants Under NagaRom are one of the four factions in War Wind II: Human Onslaught.

Gameplay characteristics[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Shama'Li and Eaggra races have gathered to form the S.U.N. faction (Servants Under NagaRom). Their purpose is to eliminate aggressors, protect the weak, and construct a peaceful world. They call the humans the Children of NagaRom, and believe them to be sent by NagaRom himself. The S.U.N. consider their fate bound to the human presence, but do not understand yet how this destiny will unfold. They wish to protect the Descendants, and abhor the warlike Marines.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Though lacking strong armoured and mechanised units, the S.U.N. possess superior stealth and magical abilities. Combined Shama'Li and Eaggra efforts also make the S.U.N. highly proficient workers.