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Stealth is a special feature of War Wind. Instead of a binary system where a unit is either visible or invisible, the game features several levels of stealth.

War Wind[edit | edit source]

When applying bio-upgrades, Stealth increases unit stealth by one (normal to masked, masked to disguised and so on).
  • Normal: Unit is seen by the enemy as normal.
  • Masked: Unit does not appear on enemy minimap. Distinguished by red triangles around the unit.
  • Disguised: Unit appears as one of the enemy's own, but shows up on their minimap as normal. Distinguished by yellow triangles.
  • Hidden: Does not appear on the minimap and is translucent, with a bonus to evasion. Distinguished by blue-green triangles.
  • Invisible: Not visible to the enemy unless attacking. Distinguished by white triangles.

War Wind II[edit | edit source]