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This is an optional, advanced feature in the game that is turned off by default in the Game Options screen. When the Supplies option is turned off, you are allowed to have five operational units per constructed Food Source (a Farm, Garden, Mess Hall, or Supplies Synthesiser). Note that this limits the initial growth of your armies.

If the Supplies option is turned on, each constructed Food Source produces one per time segment. All organic troops require continual Supplies in amounts that vary from unit to unit. Units consume their necessary amount of Supplies every five time segments (approximately twelve seconds of game play). While this option makes your faction vulnerable to hunger penalties (see below), it also allows you to stockpile Supplies and build larger armies.

Hunger[edit | edit source]

This is an optional, advanced feature in the game. If the Supplies option is turned on and you are not producing enough Supplies to sustain your troops, then the surplus begins to decrease. Once the Supplies are exhausted, all units suffer a hunger penalty, which is detailed below. Units with Rations are not affected by hunger penalties if their consumption is loweredto zero.

  • All hungry unit speeds are reduced by two levels.
  • All hungry units get a -30% to hit.
  • No spell casting by hungry units.
  • No leader songs.
  • Influence is reduced to 0 (does not increase until hunger is lifted).
  • Hungry units flee combat if reduced to 50% Life.