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To receive the vehicle upgrades you must first do research at a cost of 5000 Resource points and 5000 Influence. Unlike Cybernetic upgrades, access to all upgrade options is granted with one stage of research.

Vehicle upgrades are available for every faction except for the Marine s. In order to give a vehicle an upgrade, you must first select the building that houses the faction's vehicle upgrades. The building displays all available upgrades in the interface bar. Left-click on a package and then left-click on the vehicle(s) that you wish to grant upgrades. Every selection sends the vehicle to the building for alterations,and Resources are deducted for each.

Overlord Vehicle Upgrades[edit | edit source]

These technological enhancements can be applied to the Hover Pod and Hover Tank. Upgrades are researched and granted at a Garage.

  • Radar Reflective Paint: Vehicle now has Stealth level one, concealing it from detection on enemy minimaps. It costs 200 Resource points.
  • Solar Power Plant: Vehicle no longer requires the use of Butanium. It costs 500 Resource points.
  • All-Terrain Fitting: Vehicle acquires an all-terrain package, but loses one speed level. It costs 700 Resource points.

Descendant Vehicle Upgrades[edit | edit source]

These modifications can be used on the Ambulance, Gun Car, and WASP. Upgrades are researched and granted at an Engineering Lot.

  • Turbo Charger: The speed of this vehicle increases two levels, and it consumes extra Butanium. It costs 200 Resource points, plus one additional Butanium per seven time segments (twenty seconds).
  • Plated Chassis: Vehicle gains two armour points and drops one speed level. It costs 500 Resource points.
  • Electric Motor: No longer requires Butanium. It costs 1000 Resource points.

S.U.N. Animal Training[edit | edit source]

Shunning all technology, special training is used ins t e ad to upgrade the Rook and Mounted Cavalier units. Animal training is researched and granted in a Corral .

  • Obedience: Unit reaction time and movement rate increase by one level. It costs 150 Resource points.
  • Conditioning: Unit no longer requires Supplies or Butanium. In addition, the unit gains one armour point. It costs 500 Resource points.
  • Endurance: Unit can now regenerate Life points at a slow rate. It costs 800 Resource points.