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Foolish is the One Who claims to control the secrets of the Earth. The Elements serve no cause and only allow their power to be held for a short time. Search your own heart student of the Path, for within lies the answer, and there you shall know the true spirit of magic
~ L'lorsse, ancient teacher and guru of the Shama'Li

This section describes the various spells used by each of Yavaun's four races and a breakdown of their effects. Spells require magic energy to Cast. The level of magic available to a unit is shown by the yellow bar beneath the unit's portrait in the lower right of the interface. Once a spell is researched in a given scenario, it is available for the appropriate units to learn and need not be Researched again. All spells, if cast "out of range" of the spell's normal range parameters, cause the casting unit to move towards the area until it is in range. Then the spellis cast. All spell points regenerate at a slow constant rate of about 1 per 5 Seconds. All spell casters enter play with only 1/2 of their total spell point maximum.

Considerations[edit | edit source]

  • Research: With few exceptions, spells have to be Researched in order to be cast. Spells are researched by Mages and Advanced Mages in an Arcanery. Some spells can be acquired from Scrolls found as treasure, while others are a natural ability of the Shama'Li. The results of Research are random, but once a spell has been researched, it is available for the magic users of the clan to learn. Mages and Advanced Mages may Learn spells made available by Research in an Arcanery. Once learned by individual units, these spells are available to cast.
  • Cast Spell: Spells are unique to each race and cannot be learned by a mage of another race.
  • Lower Level Spells can be learned by any Mage specific to that Race.
  • Higher Level Spells can be learned by any Advanced Mage specific to that Race.

Schools of magic[edit | edit source]

Tha'Roon[edit | edit source]

The blackest and rather deadliest Psionic magic operates most effectively in the preconscious, frontal lobe areas of the brain. The Commanding Voice and the Fear the student of magic puts behind it are the most effective tools of the Psychic.
~ As quoted in the Sacred Scrolls of Khulahn

Obblinox[edit | edit source]

The most amazing thing about Obblinox spellcraft is its mysterious history. Many males, angry at the matriarchal limitations of Obblinox society formed monastic universities on the outer fringes of Obblinox settlements. And although little is left of the records of that era, it is known that it lasted but a scant few generations. When these hermits emerged from their cabals, they returned with knowledge unknown on this World. They had looked into the Void and somehow tapped into the dark forces of Creation. Yet, they chose to return to the subordinate roles in Obblinox society and even up to this present day all Obblinox spellcasters are male, and their ways still steeped in the mystery gained from the void
~ Quoted from the text:Sacred Knowledge by Adonna-Ali, Obblinox historian
  • Spell frame89.png Fiery Bolt (Low Level): Deal damage to target living creature
  • Spell frame90.png Crumbling (Low Level): Deal damage to target building, vehicle, or other construction
  • Spell frame91.png Blood Boil (High Level): Increase target armor, speed, and rate of fire for the duration of the spell; target dies when spell expires
  • Spell frame92.png Phantasm (High Level): Create an illusion of a random creature type to distract the target

Eaggra[edit | edit source]

Let us first shut up. Still your tongues. Still all sound all rustling, all thought. Yes. Now, Within yourself, make still and quiet the rhythms of the body... Are you listening? Can you hear the Silence? This is the centre. From here, from this point all things ebb and flow. From here the forces of nature can be contacted by Will and focus. And if you are calm, if you reside in the centre, they will respond to your call, as the leaf turns to the sun. If, however, you falter, if you are not balanced in the Silent centre, then nature will know, and all is lost.

~ Lesson from the writings of the Eaggra Arch Druid, Hamad-han-Maat

Shama'Li[edit | edit source]

Magic is the Way of the artist, the Creator. Its power Sprouts first from the pain of existence, and the knowledge of limitation. It is then perfected by the realisation of the return, or as most see it, death. This release of the powerful spirit from the prison of the body is the root of Shama'Li magic and the light on the path to divine understanding.
~ As quoted by the Shama'Li Guru ElWee' L'issTann, in his treatise The Power of NagaRom in All of Us
  • Spell frame84.png Seer (Low Level): Reveals target area
  • Spell frame34.png Healing (Low Level): Restore target health
  • Spell frame112.png Insight (High Level): Increase research efficiency (normal workers can create advanced structures and research high level spells)
  • Spell frame113.png Personal Vision Quest (Low Level): Dispel illusions and stealth around the caster
  • Spell frame92.png Summoning (High Level): Summon a random creature