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The General Order is to remorselessly hunt the enemy until it is completely utterly, and mercilessly destroyed. Anything less shall be considered complete failure, and met With the extreme punishment.
~ Thaklis-mor, Chief Executioner to the Tha'Roon Prime Minister of Death

To fight, select a unit and left-click on the enemy or object you want to engage. Your unit then marches off to attack the target . Eventually one is the victor. If your unit should win, your influence (indicated by the flag on the interface) increases, and you can continue on.

Combat Movement[edit | edit source]

All units move at their regular movement rates unless they are modified.

  • -1 movement in Forests.
  • +1 on Rock Roads (to a max. of 9).
  • +2 on a Paved Road (to a max. of 10).
  • Units cannot move through rock, Water, other units, or buildings. Battle Cry grants Speed as do certain Bio-Upgrades and Spells.

Chance to Hit[edit | edit source]

All units have a base chance to hit of 70. This means that if an Obblinox biker Were to engage a Tha'Roon Executioner, each unit would have the same chance to strike the other, modified by any Bio-Upgrade enhancements, special Weapons, or spell effects that each unit may or may not have on them.

Following modifiers apply:

  • Moving targets are -10% to hit.
  • A unit that is classified as a stealthy unit is -10% to hit.
  • A building is +10% to hit.
  • Units are -10% to hit in a Forest area.
  • At ranges of 4 or greater units are -10% to hit.
  • Units have +10% to hit in close combat

Certain bio-upgrades and spells affect accuracy. The Battle Cry also modifies attack values.

Damage[edit | edit source]

Damage is indicated on the unit's statistics, Damage can be modified by Armour, Spells, and Bio-Upgrades attached to that particular unit.

  • Damage is reduced by the amount of protection afforded by a units armour rating. Armour can be modified by Spells and Bio-Upgrades. Armour allows a unit to subtract its rating number from the damage inflicted down to a minimum of 1 point.

Ranged Attack[edit | edit source]

Units with ranged attacks pause after firing at their standard rate of fire. During this pause, no Other action may be made by that unit. Another pause occurs when a ranged unit is ordered to move. After the delay, the unit resumes its normal rate of speed. If a unit is not within the range of its weapon when ordered to attack, it automatically moves to within firing range.

Units cannot fire through Walls and structures. If a unit is targeted beyond a Wall of structure, then the attacking unit plots a path around the obstacle to continue its attack.

Rate of Fire[edit | edit source]

Rate of Fire determines how fast a unit's attack can be repeated. A unit that is a close Combat Unit suffers no delays and always operates at full speed. Units with ranged Combat pause en the firing of Volleys. There are three ranged attack speeds. Slow, Medium, and Fast.